We value long term business relationships.

Thanks to our values and principles we build long term relationships. Why? Partnership gives many advantages and eliminates business obstacles. Long term relationship helps to improve processes, eliminates redundant formalities and shortens procedures.

Why partner up with ONC?

We are a loyal, confidential and responsible partner, and thanks to the combination of our joint efforts we will achieve impressive results. Let us provide more power and a fresh energy for your team!

1. Dedicated project manager

A dedicated project manager will take care of the proceeding of your project. You will gain the comfort of constant communication and an additional person watching over the implementation of the tasks entrusted to us.

2. Devoted development team

A team of experienced front-end developers will take care of the implementation of all your projects to ensure the highest quality of our services You will receive regular progress reports from the project manager, but if necessary, you can count on technical consultation with team members by phone or skype.

3. Custom solutions

We are able to adjust to your agency’s specific needs and requirements. In the beginning of our cooperation we will see what your technical needs are. We will recommend effective solutions, libraries and plugins. A dedicated team will adapt to your individual needs and workflow requirements, custom standards and methods of coding.

4. Time and costs optimalization

When you entrust your projects to a permanent team of developers, and a dedicated project manager will watch over the implementation, you will eliminate unnecessary operations and time-consuming procedures. We will provide efficient flow of information, reduction of the decision time and optimal deadline of the realization.

5. Attractive and flexible billing structure

In a cooperation with a long term Partners we offer lowered price structure so your clients willl get a fair price and you still have a good profit margin. We are flexible - we charge per project or per hour with a monthly billing option.

6. All for your convenience

100% custom fit means stability, security, responsibility. Dedicated ONC team will provide you with effective, customized solutions. Constant cooperation will improve efficiency, eliminate unnecessary formalities and as a result will optimize the time and cost of the project.

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